Thursday, 3 August 2017

Rugby Zones

On wednesday me and the year 8 boys it rugby zones with 4 weedends kids it was so fun because we lost 1 game and won 4 gameswe got second out of 5 teams. It was stating to rain.The felds got muude and cold it was so fun to play rugby.


  1. Hi Hunter, my name is Anisia and I am a year 6 girl at St.Bernadettes school. Rugby Zones sounds awesome. Were you the only year 6 boy at the game? Maybe next time you could check your spelling before you publish it and maybe a picture would be nice.

  2. Hi Hunter,
    My name is Kalafi and I'm a year 6 student at St. Bernadette's School.I hope rugby zones was the best thing that you have ever been to.Maybe next time make sure your writing makes sentence. Did you score any tries? If you did, how many tries did you score? Hope to see more writing on your blog.